Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Hunting Widow Series.....

Above: Hunting Widow #3, 2011, mixed media on wood, 48" w x 60"h

Above: Hunting Widow #4, 2011, mixed media on wood, 48" w x 60"h

Above: Hunting Widow #1, 2011, mixed media on wood, 48"w x 60"h

Above: Hunting Widow #2, 2011, mixed media on wood, 48"w x 60"h

As a somewhat newlywed (it will be a year this March), I am still adjusting to the fact that my husband is a die-hard deer hunter. This is something that he is quite passionate about. Ive learned about "the rut" (apparently there are a couple of these!), scent-block, doe tags, scoring deer, which way the wind is blowing, etc, etc. Im glad this sport/hobby makes him so happy, but at times, the weekends have gotten quite lonely. Ive been told by other older hunter's wives, that over time, I will be packing his bags for him, but Im not at that point yet.

One weekend, I got pretty mad, and took my frustrations out on some big wood panels. It was the best feeling in the world to throw that paint around and work through my emotions...

I enjoy working big and I had these large wood panels in my studio that I used. I love how the lines of the charcoal really show up on the wood surface as opposed to a canvas surface. None of the paintings were preplanned- I just let them happen as they happened....

so then,

The Hunting Widow Series was born.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taco Bandido!

Been working on and off for the past couple of weeks on this really neat mural for the new Taco Bandido in West Monroe. It is almost finished.....Its mainly a scene of a red silhouettes and I added in a splash of blue and a margarita color to POP! My friend Gregory Hudgins is the designer on this job and he found a similiar mural on the internet that we tweaked and made more personalized for this local favorite eatery. As many of you know, this restaurant is known for its killer margaritas!! We made sure to have one of the signature milk gallons sitting on one of the tables. I think this will be the last mural I do while pregnant....the belly is getting too big and Ive only been able to work for about 1-2 hours at a time. It will be neat to bring my son to eat here in a few years and show him what I painted while he was in my stomach.
Hope everyone has a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! Adios Amigos

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Secrets of the Murals....

ABOVE : "Patches" a stray dog I once had. Patches was incorporated into a mural depicting the very first volunteer fire fighting team in Mer Rouge. You can see her at the far right end of the full photograph of the mural.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret or family and close friends are aware of this, but many times when I am commissioned to do a mural, I try to "sneak" in my pets and family members. I would not ever compromise the intergrity of a mural/painting to do this, but every once in awhile, it works out that I am able to do it. It makes me smile to know that my loved ones will live on for a good 30+ years on the side of a building in the Village of Mer Rouge.

ABOVE: Full view of The Great Flood Mural in Mer Rouge, LA

In this mural, I was given old black and white copies of photographs from the 1920's of a tremendous flood that covered the whole area. Some of the faces in the photographs were very hard to make, what else is there for an artist to do but add in her own father, Jerry Sanders, and her favorite uncle, John Spurgeon, into the mural!! I had also become friends with a very nice man in the town whose family helped to establish and create Mer Rouge. His name is Mr. Bill Davenport and he has been a life long resident of Mer Rouge. He joined my dad and uncle in the mural. Next, I was able to surprise my mom, Anne Sanders, and I added in her very favorite cat, Beauregard. He is hanging out on the front porch of the Post Office. Lastly, I added in two black labs who are sleeping on the front porch of the store. They are owned by Cathy Parker of Mer Rouge. She was my contact person for these murals and helped me to get these jobs.

BELOW on LEFT: Beauregard the cat.

BELOW: Man seated on left-Mr. Bill Davenport. Man standing-Mr. John Spurgeon. Man seated on right-Mr. Jerry Sanders.

Many of you know that I am priviledged to own one of the greatest dogs on this earth....LeRoy!!
He was a rescue dog who I adopted from a foster family in Rocky Branch and I have had for almost 4 years. In the first mural I painted for Mer Rouge, I was able to add him in. This mural was enormous!! About 15 feet tall and over 60 feet wide-WOW!! Im still a little amazed when I look back at it. It depicts the subject of cotton which was the crop of choice for many many years. The sponsors of this mural gave me a photograph of the last know cotton pickers by hand, and wanted them incorporated into the mural. I believe hand picking ended in the early 80's and machinery took over. There were other figures that were incorporated into the mural. One was a man behind a horse that is plowing the fields. I made this man into my then boyfriend, and now husband, Brent Compton. (Thank goodness we ended up marrying!! ha). At the far right of the mural, I also added in the local "Dirt Doctor", Mr Pat Bonner. He is a very sweet man who owned the building that this mural is painted on. He always let me use his restrooms and ice machine which I really really appreciated.


BELOW: LeRoy and I

ABOVE LEFT: Three people around wagon of cotton where last know cotton pickers by hand. Man in blue shirt in front of Murray Ginning System is Mr. Pat Bonner.

ABOVE RIGHT: My husband Brent in overalls behind the horse.

Okay- yes...I am more of LeRoy!! These were some ceiling tiles that I painted for the Pediatric Wing of Glenwood Hospital. Each children's room got a few painted tiles with different themes installed on the ceiling so the patients could have something joyful and interesting to look at during their stay. This job was commissioned by Shelby's Wish, a local 501C3 non profit.
I LOVE knowing my dog and his milk bones are helping a child feel better!! This was a very rewarding profect to work on and I am thankful to Summer Fulton, her family, and their non profit for letting me be apart of it.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Show at Masur Museum

New exhibition is up at the Masur Museum, and will be on display until Jan 28, 2012. Very very inspiring! I especially enjoyed the work of Michael Manjarris and how he incorporated the use of cotton and dried cotton bolls. Ive seen crops of cotton growing up my whole life and never sat back to think about how to incorporate it into art. Art really is all around us!!! If you have some free time, go by and check out this work-well worth it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ART MELT 2011-Baton Rouge, LA

"Forgetting #1" mixed media on canvas 2011

This piece of art was accepted into this year's juried Art Melt competition in Baton Rouge, LA. This was the 8th year for the show and it was sponsored by Forum 35 ( to help promote Louisiana professional artists. Jurors were Rachel Wolff, a Brooklyn based critic, writer and editor who covers art for The New York Times, Town & Country, ARTnews, and many more publications. Next juror was Benjamin Hickey, the curator of Collections and Exhibitions of the Masur Museum of art in Monroe, LA , and the final juror was Kelli Scott Kelley, an associate Professor of Paintings at LSU in Baton Rouge. More than 500 pieces of art were submitted and only 97 were accepted.

Brent (my husband) and I went down for the opening at the Louisiana State Museum in July. It was quite the party. I was thrilled to receive Honorable Mention for my piece of work titled "Forgetting #1". This painting is deeply personal for me and was created based on my feelings of Alzheimer's. After the opening, we had a really nice italian dinner at The Little Village (thank you Evie Stewart for the suggestion). Two thumbs up! It is in walking distance from our state capital. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel that is located downtown, and I was excited to see my art hanging in the halls on the first floor. This series was the Urban Zen Series that I created in 2010. It was a quick trip, but very thankful to of been apart of it and plan on entering again.


Urban Zen Series at The Hilton Capital Center in Baton Rouge, LA.

(Side note- this is my very first blog... I decided blogging would be a great opportunity for me to talk about my art, and the things that inspire me. Let me go ahead and apologize for my spelling....not my strongest (but I do love some Words with Friends!!) to figure out how to spell check on this thing!!)