Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ART MELT 2011-Baton Rouge, LA

"Forgetting #1" mixed media on canvas 2011

This piece of art was accepted into this year's juried Art Melt competition in Baton Rouge, LA. This was the 8th year for the show and it was sponsored by Forum 35 (http://www.forum35.org/) to help promote Louisiana professional artists. Jurors were Rachel Wolff, a Brooklyn based critic, writer and editor who covers art for The New York Times, Town & Country, ARTnews, and many more publications. Next juror was Benjamin Hickey, the curator of Collections and Exhibitions of the Masur Museum of art in Monroe, LA , and the final juror was Kelli Scott Kelley, an associate Professor of Paintings at LSU in Baton Rouge. More than 500 pieces of art were submitted and only 97 were accepted.

Brent (my husband) and I went down for the opening at the Louisiana State Museum in July. It was quite the party. I was thrilled to receive Honorable Mention for my piece of work titled "Forgetting #1". This painting is deeply personal for me and was created based on my feelings of Alzheimer's. After the opening, we had a really nice italian dinner at The Little Village (thank you Evie Stewart for the suggestion). Two thumbs up! It is in walking distance from our state capital. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel that is located downtown, and I was excited to see my art hanging in the halls on the first floor. This series was the Urban Zen Series that I created in 2010. It was a quick trip, but very thankful to of been apart of it and plan on entering again.


Urban Zen Series at The Hilton Capital Center in Baton Rouge, LA.

(Side note- this is my very first blog... I decided blogging would be a great opportunity for me to talk about my art, and the things that inspire me. Let me go ahead and apologize for my spelling....not my strongest (but I do love some Words with Friends!!)...got to figure out how to spell check on this thing!!)

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