Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Taco Bandido!

Been working on and off for the past couple of weeks on this really neat mural for the new Taco Bandido in West Monroe. It is almost finished.....Its mainly a scene of a red silhouettes and I added in a splash of blue and a margarita color to POP! My friend Gregory Hudgins is the designer on this job and he found a similiar mural on the internet that we tweaked and made more personalized for this local favorite eatery. As many of you know, this restaurant is known for its killer margaritas!! We made sure to have one of the signature milk gallons sitting on one of the tables. I think this will be the last mural I do while pregnant....the belly is getting too big and Ive only been able to work for about 1-2 hours at a time. It will be neat to bring my son to eat here in a few years and show him what I painted while he was in my stomach.
Hope everyone has a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving! Adios Amigos

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