Friday, September 28, 2012


Have you ever met someone in your life and you knew within the first few minutes that you adored them and wanted to be their friend??? I felt that way about Margaret Becton. I'm pretty sure the year was 1998 and I was sitting across this little table from her during skit day at Rush at La TECH. All I really knew about her was that she was a pretty brunette from Neville who was into art and my sorority wanted her BAD!! I have no idea what we all talked about that day but I knew she was special and we would be friends even if she didn't "go Alpha Chi!!" Well, she didn't go us. Broke my heart and she ended up going to that other purple sorority next door..ha! Thankfully though, I saw Margaret in our art classes for the next few years. Then, life progressed on. We graduated and we both got married. We continued down our paths creating art, working, etc. From time to time, we would call, catch up and encourage one another about our art. Life was smooth sailing...for a bit. Six years later, I got divorced and Margaret had a baby. Then, a little bit later, she got a divorced. Many phone calls and texts went back and forth during those rocky times. Fast-forward a little bit, and I got remarried, and she got remarried.. and then She had another baby and then I had Mr P. Life is back smooth again for us, just very busy. Our lives have paralleled in so many ways since 1998. Good and Bad. And Im so thankful to call her my friend for life AND, I am very proud to show my art with hers once again. We thought it was only fitting to call this show "Intertwined". Everyone is invited to come see our show. We are having an opening reception at Margaret's Gallery on Sat. Sept 29th from 5-7pm and for the Downtown gallery crawl on Thurs. OCt 4th from 5-9PM. You will see some gorgeous landscapes by her and some dramatic abstracts by me. And we will also be selling the latest designs by Mr P's Tees.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Style, Staying True and Inspiration

Image on a tag from Anthropologie
  I got in a discussion the other day at Mr P's therapy session with his "godmom", Melanie, about what my goal was for Mr P's Tees. What was the BIG dream???... For me, it would be to sell my designs to Anthropologie! I love that store and everything about it. Its creative, unique, etc etc.  This talk really made me think about what our style is and what the feeling is that we want to convey. Mel gave me that tag above for inspiration...Love it!
  Hubs and I went down to the Saints game this past weekend without Mr. P. It was so nice to ride down for the 5 hours and actually be able to TALK to each other. Such a rare thing these days. We talked about our goals, ideas, dreams, etc. Had a blast down there and was tired, but felt recharged too. Saw a few things I took pics of..
In hotel in New Orleans right outside elevator
Painting in Hotel Room..Loved vibrant colors
  We both agreed that we did NOT want our tee/onesie business to be cheesy...which is very easy to do when you are dealing with babies. I hate all those baby shirts that say "show me the boobies." Uggggg   We want our line to convey US---artist meets hunter.... We want artsy creations that involve animals-and right now, we want those animals to be ones from Louisiana. Voila-the Armadillo design.
Amadillo Design by Mr P's Tees

 It is tough to be ORIGINAL these days.... I do not want us to be chasing trends, but have the confidence to come up with our own thing. Ive had people offer suggestions all day long as to what we should do, and its always what is out there now.
  The same thing goes with creating is so easy to just paint something to sell because you need some money...but does that really respresent "YOU"?? I went to an art opening the other night at the Masur Museum of Art of the work of Eugene Martin. He was an incredible artist who truly stuck to his guns and painted what he wanted and not what he thought would sell. Because of this, he had many homeless nights, but is now recognized by his outstanding work. Where is the happy medium in paying your bills, but still being true???
   As far as what inspires me... I try to take pictures of things out in the world that inspire me. Sometimes its another piece of art, a piece of furniture, a neat color combination, etc and use bits and pieces of that to come up with something all my own. With my painting, a heavy influence is what find of mood I am in too. Emotion def speaks volumes through charcoal and paint.

 Painting in my garage that I am currently working on.

 I can't tell you that everything I create is successful, but as long as it is true to me, then I've succeeded. Thanks for listening  :)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's about TIME...

Paintings in garage that are in the very very early stages.....

     People ask me all the time how I find time to fit everything in that I do.. It is a constant struggle. I'm so excited because today my husband is taking our son to a family reunion in Shreveport which means I will have a good half day to do whatever I want. No responsibilities! No meetings! No anything. If I want to lay in bed all day- I can!! Since having Mr Pearson, I have truly learned how precious TIME is. For my birthday this year, my sister Holly gave me the gift of time-she gave me 2 of her vacation days!! She said I could pick any two days and she would keep the baby for me. I was blown away by her thoughtfullness!!!
   I have about 5 large paintings in my garage that were started a few weeks ago. Everytime I drive up, I look at them and ponder on what direction to take them in. Today, I will attempt to tackle them. I am working on these to go in Margaret Becton Cox's gallery (The Becton Gallery) for the Oct 4th art crawl. This will be the first time in 2 years I've shown my art at a crawl (not including Mr P's Tees). Speaking of which...where does Mr P's Tees fit in to my schedule???
  I got in the habit of sitting on the floor in front of Pearson's swing and hanging out with the little dude as I wait for him to take a nap. As I wait, I sketch. Each design so far has been created during this time. Once he is off to dream land, I stop and move on to something else. Sometimes I only get 5 min and other times it is 30 min.
    So, my main job, building homes, takes up the majority of the week. I try and meet with homebuyers during the week and keep the jobs running as smoothly as possible. In the evenings, I like to take P Diddy for walks in his jogging stroller up to the job sites and check on the final work completed for that day.
  Hubs and I are trying to get out of town once a quarter to help keep the marriage strong. So easy to get caught up in day to day life, and forget about our partners. One thing I have learned...I am def NOT super woman... I get cranky, tired, etc. and I'm trying to learn to say No to people- so hard for this people pleaser!
   Anyway...chop chop!! Time is ticking.. How will you enjoy your precious time??

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mr P's little side business

"A girl who is an artist met a boy who is a hunter. They fell in love, got married and had a son. They named him Mr. P...They decided to start a little business of cool onsies and tees for Mr P and his buddies to wear. Mr P's Tees is Brent and Lissy Compton"

Well, that is the short of it....after we had Mr P, we noticed that there were not alot of cool onsies for babies, or at least ones that we thought were cool. My husband and I are not into all the ruffles, gingham, sail boats, etc...he likes camo and dead animals, and I like drawings and live animals. HAHA!
  So, after some thinking and plotting, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some onsies, some fabric paint, some heavy paper and an exacto knife. I proceeded to hand paint a zebra design with a cut our stencil I drew on the onsie and posted it on Facebook. It got a good response.
So, the hubs and I talked and decided to become business partners (as well as partners in life!) and created Mr P's Tees!!! I come up with the designs and Brent does all the rest. We are in the process now of forming our LLC and just got our first batch of onsies printed- Thanks to the help of Brent's cousin, Lori Nolan Rockett at Reflections in West Monroe. It was neat going over there to her store and picking out the color orange for the ink that I had envisioned in my head.
After getting the first batch of onsies made, we listed them on etsy
and we are now working on 2 more designs. We will also be selling them at the August 2nd art crawl in downtown Monroe at The Becton Gallery. We figure if we break even and come up with some neat designs for our son and his friends to wear, we have succeeded.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Animals= Trophies??



Trophy #1, 2012, oil & charcoal on wood, 48" x 48"

Ive been working off and on in my garage on a new series of work...The Trophy Series. Most women in the South have a few hunters in their life and seeing a set of deer horns on a daily basis is not uncommon. I really do not have an issue with hunting when the animal is eaten or the population of the animal is maintained. BUT.... I do become quite sad when I think of animals in Africa being killed for have a "trophy" on the wall. I went on a mission trip to Tanzania,Africa 4 summers ago and got to see these amazing creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat. When a water buffalo is killed by the locals over there, every single part of it is used.
  So, I ask the question...Why not have a very nice painting of an endangered animal  on your wall instead of the real thing?? (I do realize that I am being quite hypocritical because I did purchase a zebra skin rug a few years ago from an auction and I love that rug....)This painting could be your "trophy" and not the empty shell of an animal with fake glass eyes. I know when hunters see their "kill" mounted on a wall, they have alot of pride and the memory of the whole hunt will forever be in their mind. I wish this same feeling would go towards art. Where were you when the piece was purchased?  How does the work make you feel? Does the piece strike up a converesation amongst your guests??
Trophy #2, 2012, oil & charcoal on wood, 48" x 48"

Trophy #3, 2012, oil & charcoal on wood, 48" x 48"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Inside my Studio

The Floor of my Art Studio

Got to paint for awhile last night in my studio. I looked down at the concrete floor of my studio and thought it was so beautiful with all the colors, spills, etc. Had to take a photo and share. Its been tough trying to squeeze in the time to create art since Pearson was born. My sweet husband Brent watched him for awhile so I could get my painting groove on!!! So nice to turn up my music and sing and paint. Finishing up a couple of commissions that were ordered right before Mr P was born. (Thank you for your patience!!) I also just ordered a bunch of wood panels to be built by Damon Adcock (he builds great wood panels and canvases) for a new series of work that I am very excited about. Ive been researching, sketching and dreaming about a new body of work and I can't wait to get started on. I just found out I will be showing in the October 2012 Gallery Crawl at The Becton Gallery with Margaret Becton Cox. This will be the first time in 2 years that I have had a big show in Monroe. Im looking forward to showing with her. Also, will be sending some of these new pieces to The Brunner Gallery in Covington, La and to their new space in Bossier City, La called Gallary Fine Art Center. It is located at 2151 Airline Drive, Suite 200.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

MADE THE CUT!!! Duck Dynasty

So excited!!Have to share.... My art work made the cut on one of the latest episodes of the A&E hit TV show, Duck Dynasty. I had recently blogged that I hoped it would, and it did!!! You could see my artwork in quite a few scenes. Thank you again Chef Eric :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Art on a TV Show

The Network A&E was recently filming a new TV Series called "Duck Dynasty" in our area. They are introducing the Robertsons, the local hunting family that created top of the line duck calls and decoys under the empire of the father, Phil Robertson-aka The Duck Commander. This show will premiere Wednesday, March 21st at 10PM ET/PT.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Chef Eric Johnson to hang some of my art in his restaurant (located near Tinseltown in West Monroe) for some of the filming of this show. I was very excited at the possibility of my art hanging in the back ground of some of the scenes in an episode where Miss Kay Roberston (wife of Phil) takes over Chef Eric's restaurant and feeds everyone. From what I have heard, she is a wonderful cook and her recipes are even featured on A&E's website.

Im going to keep my fingers crossed that what they filmed with my art in the background makes the show and doesnt end up on the cutting room floor....The three pieces featured are "Forgetting #1," "Forgetting #2" and "The Hunting Widow Series #4". One of things I have learned about filming art work in movies or TV shows is that you can not have glass covering the art. Apparently the glass causes a bad refection, so artwork on canvas or wood does much better and is preferred.

Im very excited about our local northern Louisiana family getting recognition. With so many South Louisiana shows out there like "Swamp People", "Girls, Guns and Gators", and "Cajun Pawn Stars"-its nice to see the Twin Cities get some attention.

You can read all about this new show at

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trying out Etsy....

I've been thinking in the back of my head for awhile about trying out Etsy for my art-mainly for my pet portraits. I woke up this morning with a strong feeling to go ahead and go for this and try it out for a few months. So..always one to try and listen to my gut, I created a "shop" on Etsy just a little while ago. I've never really advertised my pet portraits before, except for posts on Facebook, so we will see how this works out with a much broader audience. I know that I personally like searching for specialty items on Etsy and its very appealing to me that everything is hand-made. Its hard to find anything original these days with everything so mass-produced. I try really hard when I am buying a gift for a friend or family member, to purchase something hand-made, or at least sold in a locally owned shop, or something that benefits a charity.
As of right now, Im basically just offering 8" x 10" dog or cat paintings done in acrylic on canvas. Orders will take about 2-3 weeks. All a person has to do is email me a clear photograph. The price is the same that I offered at Christmas, $100 for the 8" x 10". Shipping is $12 for anywhere in the US, and $16 for anywhere OUTSIDE the US.
I believe you can find me by searching under

Ill keep ya posted on this new outlet....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be Aware!!!....ART SCAMMERS

This is a warning to all my art friends out there---watch out for Art Scammers!!!

I recently created a new website through They have a section on each person's site where potential customers can email you with questions about your art. I received an email from a "Sean Gate" a few weeks ago who inquired about one of my murals and how much the "painting" cost (should of been my first clue). I explained to him that the mural was on the side of a building and could not be sold, but I that I could recreate that image on a canvas for him. His english was not that wonderful and he came across as a wealthy foreigner wanting to buy art-cost really wasnt an issue. I quoted him some prices to recreate the piece. He told me he would send me a check for the entire amount and that he would have a shipping agent contact me and handle the shipping arrangements. I was a little leary because the whole thing sounded too good to be true. So, I gave him my dad's post office address and told him he was welcome to send a check to that address.

A couple of weeks went by and no response until the other day. He sent an email and tells me he is so very sorry that their has been a delay with his check and it will be coming very soon.

This morning, I get the following email:

"Good morning Lissy. I can see now that you have received the check which was delivered by USPS with the tracking number (EO 906------) via You are expected to have the check deposited in your account this morning, the check sent to you includes the price for what I am purchasing from you and my shipping agents as he would be responsible for pick up after the check must have cleared in your account. please have the difference withdrawn this morning or you can have it all deposited in your account instead of carrying cash around and locate a western union/money gram store closer to you or a Walmart and have the difference sent using money availbale in minute with your debit card to my shipping agent so they can make arrangement for the pick up by later today or first thing tomorrow morning.

I would appreciate you have the money sent this morning and email me the transaction details so I can have it fowarded to him asap below in the information of the Agent details

Name: Shirley Ortiz

City: Chesapeake

State: VA

Zip Code: 23320

I appreciate your prompt response.


I have no idea if there is a check waiting at the post office-I will check tomorrow. But basically, this guy was trying to send OVER the amount we discussed. I would cash or deposit the check and then give the extra he sent to his "shipping agent" to cover the cost of shipping. The check would of ended up being bad and I would of been out alot of money.

I also heard from another person by the name of Philip Weber who was trying to do the exact same thing. He claimed he wanted a painting for an upcoming family reunion in Belgium!! I googled these two names and other artists had received the same emails from the same names.

While researching about art scammers on line, I read how they love to prey on artists because most are trusting souls who need money!!! And that this all started years ago in Nigeria. When I went and looked at my statistics and tracking on my website, sure enough, I had ALOT of hits coming from Nigeria!!! I contacted my website host to let them know of this but I realize they can not really do anything. So friends, please be warned...if something sounds too good to be true...IT IS!!!!

(The above painting was created in 2009 from The Einstein Series "Two Wrongs and A Right",
mixed media on canvas, 30" x 30")

Thursday, January 12, 2012


A long long time ago, I always thought it would be great to be an actress out in Hollywood. Im sure a lot of girls have this dream of being on the big screen with Brad Pitt! HA Well, time went by and reality set in and I realized that this was not really an option. So.....what is the next best thing to being in a movie....having your artwork in a movie!!!
I was very fortunate a year or so ago to get to paint a large scale mural of Saddam Hussein for the locally filmed movie "Flag of My Father". It was an honor to get to do this for my friend, Rodney Ray who produced, directed, etc. this fantastic christian based film.
Then, this summer, filming began for Rodney's latest movie, "New Hope". It's another Christian based film that deals with teen suicide. Brent and I were lucky enough to have one day of filming at our home. I cant give too much away about the movie (the big premiere is scheduled for Feb 10,2012), but the painting shown is in the background of one of the scenes. This was a painting I created in 2011 called "To Have and To...", and was done in charcoal and oil on canvas. So very neat to see your own art on the big screen!!! The other photograph depicts two of the actors relaxing in front of the painting in-between filming.

Then, I got a call in November and Rodney wanted me to create a very special painting for the opening night of "New Hope". This painting will be unveiled and auctioned off that evening with part of the proceeds benefiting the Children's Coalition in Monroe. Another big honor!! Thank you Rodney Ray and R-Squared productions for this opportunity. Images of the painting will be shown after the opening. For more info about the "New Hope" movie, please visit or

That's a wrap!!