Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Art on a TV Show

The Network A&E was recently filming a new TV Series called "Duck Dynasty" in our area. They are introducing the Robertsons, the local hunting family that created top of the line duck calls and decoys under the empire of the father, Phil Robertson-aka The Duck Commander. This show will premiere Wednesday, March 21st at 10PM ET/PT.

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Chef Eric Johnson to hang some of my art in his restaurant (located near Tinseltown in West Monroe) for some of the filming of this show. I was very excited at the possibility of my art hanging in the back ground of some of the scenes in an episode where Miss Kay Roberston (wife of Phil) takes over Chef Eric's restaurant and feeds everyone. From what I have heard, she is a wonderful cook and her recipes are even featured on A&E's website.

Im going to keep my fingers crossed that what they filmed with my art in the background makes the show and doesnt end up on the cutting room floor....The three pieces featured are "Forgetting #1," "Forgetting #2" and "The Hunting Widow Series #4". One of things I have learned about filming art work in movies or TV shows is that you can not have glass covering the art. Apparently the glass causes a bad refection, so artwork on canvas or wood does much better and is preferred.

Im very excited about our local northern Louisiana family getting recognition. With so many South Louisiana shows out there like "Swamp People", "Girls, Guns and Gators", and "Cajun Pawn Stars"-its nice to see the Twin Cities get some attention.

You can read all about this new show at www.aetv.com/duck-dynasty.

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  1. "Girls, Guns & Gators", how could I have missed that one, thanks for the info. Just kidding! How great for a Chef to give you an opportunity and of course the "Hunting Widow Series" is a perfect fit. Now if you can just get some screen time.