Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Animals= Trophies??



Trophy #1, 2012, oil & charcoal on wood, 48" x 48"

Ive been working off and on in my garage on a new series of work...The Trophy Series. Most women in the South have a few hunters in their life and seeing a set of deer horns on a daily basis is not uncommon. I really do not have an issue with hunting when the animal is eaten or the population of the animal is maintained. BUT.... I do become quite sad when I think of animals in Africa being killed for have a "trophy" on the wall. I went on a mission trip to Tanzania,Africa 4 summers ago and got to see these amazing creatures up close and personal in their natural habitat. When a water buffalo is killed by the locals over there, every single part of it is used.
  So, I ask the question...Why not have a very nice painting of an endangered animal  on your wall instead of the real thing?? (I do realize that I am being quite hypocritical because I did purchase a zebra skin rug a few years ago from an auction and I love that rug....)This painting could be your "trophy" and not the empty shell of an animal with fake glass eyes. I know when hunters see their "kill" mounted on a wall, they have alot of pride and the memory of the whole hunt will forever be in their mind. I wish this same feeling would go towards art. Where were you when the piece was purchased?  How does the work make you feel? Does the piece strike up a converesation amongst your guests??
Trophy #2, 2012, oil & charcoal on wood, 48" x 48"

Trophy #3, 2012, oil & charcoal on wood, 48" x 48"

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  1. I like the whole idea of a "trophy" painting instead of a real kill. As you don't know the circumstances surrounding your Zebra rug, don't heap to much blame on your (hypocritical) shoulders; might have been old age or disease; death by gunshot is just one of many possibilities. I think most hunters are good conservationists of animals and habitats. The well attended wildlife organization banquets serve as a reminder of that (Ducks Unlimited, etc). This is such a great followup to the hunter widow series. Perhaps these works will find a good home, as they are certainly "trophies" for any wall. UJ