Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Style, Staying True and Inspiration

Image on a tag from Anthropologie
  I got in a discussion the other day at Mr P's therapy session with his "godmom", Melanie, about what my goal was for Mr P's Tees. What was the BIG dream???... For me, it would be to sell my designs to Anthropologie! I love that store and everything about it. Its creative, unique, etc etc.  This talk really made me think about what our style is and what the feeling is that we want to convey. Mel gave me that tag above for inspiration...Love it!
  Hubs and I went down to the Saints game this past weekend without Mr. P. It was so nice to ride down for the 5 hours and actually be able to TALK to each other. Such a rare thing these days. We talked about our goals, ideas, dreams, etc. Had a blast down there and was tired, but felt recharged too. Saw a few things I took pics of..
In hotel in New Orleans right outside elevator
Painting in Hotel Room..Loved vibrant colors
  We both agreed that we did NOT want our tee/onesie business to be cheesy...which is very easy to do when you are dealing with babies. I hate all those baby shirts that say "show me the boobies." Uggggg   We want our line to convey US---artist meets hunter.... We want artsy creations that involve animals-and right now, we want those animals to be ones from Louisiana. Voila-the Armadillo design.
Amadillo Design by Mr P's Tees

 It is tough to be ORIGINAL these days.... I do not want us to be chasing trends, but have the confidence to come up with our own thing. Ive had people offer suggestions all day long as to what we should do, and its always what is out there now.
  The same thing goes with creating is so easy to just paint something to sell because you need some money...but does that really respresent "YOU"?? I went to an art opening the other night at the Masur Museum of Art of the work of Eugene Martin. He was an incredible artist who truly stuck to his guns and painted what he wanted and not what he thought would sell. Because of this, he had many homeless nights, but is now recognized by his outstanding work. Where is the happy medium in paying your bills, but still being true???
   As far as what inspires me... I try to take pictures of things out in the world that inspire me. Sometimes its another piece of art, a piece of furniture, a neat color combination, etc and use bits and pieces of that to come up with something all my own. With my painting, a heavy influence is what find of mood I am in too. Emotion def speaks volumes through charcoal and paint.

 Painting in my garage that I am currently working on.

 I can't tell you that everything I create is successful, but as long as it is true to me, then I've succeeded. Thanks for listening  :)

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  1. Art is an expression of the artist, or should be I think. Over time art changes. For example the art in the Middle Ages, Colonial Period, World War II, and beyond, has changed over time. What will art look like 100 years from now? Artist will define art. Lissy, I enjoy your expression of art and your comments. You have much to give to those of us lacking in artistic talent. Love you. UJ