Friday, September 28, 2012


Have you ever met someone in your life and you knew within the first few minutes that you adored them and wanted to be their friend??? I felt that way about Margaret Becton. I'm pretty sure the year was 1998 and I was sitting across this little table from her during skit day at Rush at La TECH. All I really knew about her was that she was a pretty brunette from Neville who was into art and my sorority wanted her BAD!! I have no idea what we all talked about that day but I knew she was special and we would be friends even if she didn't "go Alpha Chi!!" Well, she didn't go us. Broke my heart and she ended up going to that other purple sorority next door..ha! Thankfully though, I saw Margaret in our art classes for the next few years. Then, life progressed on. We graduated and we both got married. We continued down our paths creating art, working, etc. From time to time, we would call, catch up and encourage one another about our art. Life was smooth sailing...for a bit. Six years later, I got divorced and Margaret had a baby. Then, a little bit later, she got a divorced. Many phone calls and texts went back and forth during those rocky times. Fast-forward a little bit, and I got remarried, and she got remarried.. and then She had another baby and then I had Mr P. Life is back smooth again for us, just very busy. Our lives have paralleled in so many ways since 1998. Good and Bad. And Im so thankful to call her my friend for life AND, I am very proud to show my art with hers once again. We thought it was only fitting to call this show "Intertwined". Everyone is invited to come see our show. We are having an opening reception at Margaret's Gallery on Sat. Sept 29th from 5-7pm and for the Downtown gallery crawl on Thurs. OCt 4th from 5-9PM. You will see some gorgeous landscapes by her and some dramatic abstracts by me. And we will also be selling the latest designs by Mr P's Tees.

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  1. Lissy, you and Margaret paint life as it comes by you. Events shape your art and your life. By your painting you both interperet life events into art. Having a good friend to share with, who also expresses themselves on the same plain as you do, is special. Thankgoodness for you and Margaret and your "intertwined" lives. Life is better for the rest of us because of it.