Sunday, March 17, 2013

Donkeys, Peter Rabbit, Zebras and a wedding in the Big "D"

  The past month has been super super busy for me!! Ive been trying to keep all the plates spinning and everyone happy.... First up, I got to paint a real cute nursey for a fun lady who wanted a Peter Rabbit theme for her grandchild. She wanted scenes painted from the original book and a grape vine added near the top of the room as a border.

The walls were already a celery green and she had found this neat branch looking light fixture too.

  Next up,I got to paint some crazy drunk donkey paintings (and a cow thrown in the mix too) for the new River and Rail Cantina that is opening very soon in downtown Monroe by the rail road tracks.

This place is as cool as they come!!! It has the best covered patio area overlooking the Ouachita River with comfy seats and firepits. The inside has old rustic beams, original brick walls, and even an old elevator. I think they said it was originally built in 1915. I was given alot of artistic freedom to do these paintings...they just wanted FUN!!

So, I came up with some crazy donkeys shooting tequila. Really enjoyed these commissions. Im still working on some other murals in the place too. Pics of that coming soon!!!
  Also, have a big solo show going on now til the end of April at The Schepis Museum in Columbia, LA. The work I have hanging is from the Trophy Series. Some of you saw some of these paintings hanging at Cascio Tavern this past year. The museum is having a reception for me from 5-7pm on Friday, March 29th-ALL of you are invited!!
                                  Zebra: Trophy Series. 48"x48", oil and charcoal on wood. $1800

   I got to get out of town to Dallas for a few days (thank you again Hubs!!) and see two of my favorite people in the world!I got to see Jennifer Gunter (who I met while working at Chili's back in the late 1990's and loved immediately!)
                                           Jen and I in Hawaii a couple of years ago

and stay with she & her family one night. Her sweet husband went to ALOT of trouble and made me a homemade chocolate cake that was to die for.... He could open up his own place of sweets if he ever decided to do that.

Then, I got to spend the next two days enjoying Rachel Saucier's wedding. She and I have been "Close" friends since our junior year of high school.
                                                    With the pretty Bride before the ceremony

Yours truly was her Matron of Honor and I did my best to remind the other bridesmaids that I was her #1 favorite!!! hahahaha Seriously though, I adored all her friends and miss them.
                                          With fellow bridesmaids Amber and Mollie

We enjoyed a bridal luncheon at Zodiak at Nieman Marcus downtown. This country girl felt very CHIC dining there. On the day of the wedding, we all enjoyed getting our hair and makeup done by professionals in the comfort of her home and then headed off to her wedding at the Dallas Arboretum. It was AMAZING!!! The gardens were blooming all over the place with tulips, hyacinths, etc, and the lighting was perfect.

 You will have to check out her photographers blog at Some of the best wedding pics Ive ever seen!! So happy to of witnessed this exchange of vows and so excited for she and Travis. On the way home, I got to stop at my beloved Dairy Queen. Icing on the cake.

Till next time----

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