Thursday, April 25, 2013

Win A Painting~! Transform Tanzania

As a lot of you know, I went on a mission trip to Tanzania, Africa a few years ago (2007) with my church to help local missionary Kay Frost.
She grew up in our church (First West), went to WMHS and to Tech.
Kay in Africa
At that time in my life,  I was going through a divorce, and this trip really helped me personally and put life into perspective. I got to paint and create art with orphan kids and got to see real exotic animals up close in their natural surroundings.
 Since then,I've tried to do what I can to help some of the kids back in Iringa, Tanzania. You may remember "adopting" a child and buying shoes for them
 or maybe buying a raffle ticket of a horse painting to help young Richard get back surgery he desperately needed.
  Well, the time has come to help again!! Kay is headed back to Tanzania to help widows and orphans and funds are needed to get her there and help with living expenses. The easiest thing I know to do is to donate a large painting for a raffle to help her.
 I've chosen to give my Rhino painting from The Trophy Series.
 You may of saw it in Bayoulife Magazine, or in Cascio Tavern Resturant or most recently at The Schepis Museum in Columbia, La. It's retail value is $1800 and is 48"x 48". It was created in 2012 and done in oil and charcoal on wood.

  We are only selling 100 tickets at $20 each so your chances of winning are very good!Drawing will be held May 24th and need not be present to win. You can mail in a check made out to "Transform Tanzania" or I can invoice you through Pay pal. I will mail you back your raffle stub.  Last time I did this, JohnnyWade of Monroe won! He is a local realtor/broker for Jack Fluck Realty.
  I really appreciate your help with this!! I believe in Kay and what she is doing. Feel free to keep up with her journeys on her blog

Address to mail in checks:
Transform Tanzania
C/o Kay Frost
PO Box 770
West Monroe, LA 71294

                                           Thats all for now folks!!!


Monday, April 15, 2013

30 Weeks Down and a Million Things to do

My pregnancy app on my phone informed me this morning that I was 30 weeks preg!! Yikes!! Feel like I am running out of time before little Miss Phoebe Jane Compton (we finally have a name!!) makes Her grand debut.
   Still working on those ceiling tiles for St Francis Hospital for Shelby's Wish. Got some real cute ones done like a scene from Where the Wild Things Are
, The Jungle Book
 and even Dr Seus.
 They are for 24 total rooms. Each room will have any where from 2-4 painted ceiling tiles for the little kiddos to look at.
  I've got some friends getting married within the next month so I am working on some little paintings of the bride and grooms for the guests to sign at the receptions. I've been painting these things since 2001! This is the one I did for Rachel and Travis's wedding.

   As for Mr P's Tees, we did RiverMarket a couple of weeks ago.
We will def so it again, but it prob won't be until fall. There was tons of traffic and the weather was perfect. I had some wonderful egg roles from a vendor who apparently is there every week. yUM!!
We have had so many requests for short sleeve Warhawk and Bulldawg tees---we are on it!! Printing May 1st!! We will feature these on those super soft tri blend American Apparel tees and tanks that everyone raves about.
 I'm also working on a Tiger design too.  To be continued....   My goal is to have our Fall designs already worked out before Phoebe comes so I won't be worried about it.
   Got to work in the yard the other day with Hubs and Mr P. ~so much fun watching our little guy explore.
 Brent got his squash planted and I got some flowers potted for around the fish pond.
Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather!!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Market, River Market and everything in Between

So we survived Spring Market! I must say that I def learned a whole bunch (next year I will have a dolly!!) and I'm pretty positive that we would do it again. We had a LOT of help from friends and family members who helped us work the booth, babysit Pearson and tear down on the last day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Great visit with Brian and Nolan Wade (Mr P's best buddy)

We felt like we had some good sales and got our name out there to a lot of people who had not heard of us at all. We tracked our website hits and Facebook "friends" before and after the show and were pleased with the increase in traffic. I was amazed that our #1 best seller was overall youth tees--even over adult tees and onesies.
Youth Tees #1!!!

 We got the message loud and clear that you guys want some short sleeve Bulldawg and Warhawk shirts.
  We are now gearing up to do the downtown River Market on Saturday,April 6th from 10am-4pm. I have no idea how it will go, but it sounds like there is going to be tons of vendors there and the weather is suppose to be pretty.
  We will have our new Adult Crawfish Shirt there as well as many other designs for babies and youth.   In case you didn't know, I'm 7 months pregnant (with a girl this time!)so modeling the shirts for our website/Facebook/Instagram is not an option! Haha. Luckily, good ole Brent doesn't mind taking one for the team and posing for me!
Hey Hubs---Show me some Teeth!

Not to embarrass him too bad, but the hubs looks good in his t-shirt and jeans!! ;) whoop whoop!! Come see us!
   Meanwhile, I've been painting on ceiling tiles for Shelby's Wish for the pediatric floor of St Francis Hospital. Each kid room will have a fun unisex design for the kids to look at.

 I also squeezed in a kitchen backsplash for a lady that is hand painted and fired on ceramic tile. She wanted a Louisiana Gumbo scene.  So voila~!

 I love all my jobs and feel lucky to make a living doing what I enjoy!! I've also got a strong urgency to wrap all these loose ends up before Little Baby Girl Compton (still no name... ) comes. I know then, that my time will really be limited for awhile.

Until next time!!