Monday, April 15, 2013

30 Weeks Down and a Million Things to do

My pregnancy app on my phone informed me this morning that I was 30 weeks preg!! Yikes!! Feel like I am running out of time before little Miss Phoebe Jane Compton (we finally have a name!!) makes Her grand debut.
   Still working on those ceiling tiles for St Francis Hospital for Shelby's Wish. Got some real cute ones done like a scene from Where the Wild Things Are
, The Jungle Book
 and even Dr Seus.
 They are for 24 total rooms. Each room will have any where from 2-4 painted ceiling tiles for the little kiddos to look at.
  I've got some friends getting married within the next month so I am working on some little paintings of the bride and grooms for the guests to sign at the receptions. I've been painting these things since 2001! This is the one I did for Rachel and Travis's wedding.

   As for Mr P's Tees, we did RiverMarket a couple of weeks ago.
We will def so it again, but it prob won't be until fall. There was tons of traffic and the weather was perfect. I had some wonderful egg roles from a vendor who apparently is there every week. yUM!!
We have had so many requests for short sleeve Warhawk and Bulldawg tees---we are on it!! Printing May 1st!! We will feature these on those super soft tri blend American Apparel tees and tanks that everyone raves about.
 I'm also working on a Tiger design too.  To be continued....   My goal is to have our Fall designs already worked out before Phoebe comes so I won't be worried about it.
   Got to work in the yard the other day with Hubs and Mr P. ~so much fun watching our little guy explore.
 Brent got his squash planted and I got some flowers potted for around the fish pond.
Hope you all are enjoying the beautiful weather!!

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