Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shelby's Wish at St Francis Hospital and More

I just finished up a neat project for Shelby's Wish-a local non profit who has done some amazing things to improve a child's visit to our local hospitals. Shelby's mom, Summer Fulton, hired me awhile back to paint a few ceiling tiles in every room on the Peds floor at St Francis Hospital in Monroe.
I had the privilege of getting to do the same exact thing for Glenwood Hospital in West Monroe a couple of years ago.
   There were 24 rooms that needed tiles and the challenge was to try and make them each different and unisex at the same time. I saw one of the nurses, Brooke,  while delivering the last batch of tiles and she said they were going to carry out the themes of the tiles in each room. All of the themes range from cartoons,
 famous kid movies or books or famous nursery rhymes. I can see where they will have fun having stuffed animals or the books and movies from the themes in each room for the kids.
  I painted everything you can imagine... Humpty Dumpty,

101 Dalmations,
, Pinocchio
, the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
, Nemo,
Bambie, a few Different Dr Suess ones, and many many more. I hope you never have a reason to see them! But If you do, I hope that special child in your life that you are visiting has a happier time at the hospital due to the wonderful work of Shelby's Wish. For more info, check out
  I also squeezed in a couple of more wedding pics for people to sign. This one was for my friend Allison.
And painted a couple of dog paintings for my friend and horse trainer, Joan Moore's birthday.

On a side note- we still have the Transform Tanzania Rhino Painting Raffle going on.
We have sold about 45 tickets so far. Only 100 will be sold total. $20 each. Retail value of painting is $1800. For more info, check out my previous blog. Drawing is May 24th.

Thanks for reading!!

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