Sunday, June 16, 2013

Studio Transform...Garage Life!

A few months ago, I realized I was never using the extra bedroom that was designated for my art studio. It was the biggest mess!!  I'd either paint at the kitchen table or in the garage. And, hubs and I realized we could really use another bed in the house when one of us was sick or company was coming over to stay. So, I started the process of changing my studio into a guest bedroom.

It was a disaster area! Paint was all over the concrete floors, the walls, etc. I had all this stuff pinned up on the walls for inspiration.
I started trying to organize it all and get the old paintings, projects, etc out of the room. Next, I had our painter come in and repaint the whole room.
Went with Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray on 3 of the walls and a rich Black on one. Then, Dupuy Flooring came in and put some nice thick shag like carpet in.
I already had the bed (been in "storage" at my parents) which I love!!
The cool painting above the bed was done by myself and two other friends at Tech (Toni Parks and Katrina Parker). It was a project for one of Ed Pinkstons's (my hero) art classes. There were actually 3 of these large paintings that all hooked together and we each each ended up with one. I will treasure it forever!!
  So, now I'm painting in the garage. It hasn't been bad.  I just recently finished up a large Swamp painting for a friend that was one of my last big commissions before Miss Phoebe comes.
 Ive also had a blast painting with Pearson in the garage.
Yes- paint goes EVERYWHERE!! but, I really don't care.
(The floor of garage)
We have now created some very cool works of art by him for this past Mothers and Fathers Day.
Its amazing what a matte and frame will do for some paint platters by a 16 month old!!
 I know when we go to sell this house one day, I will just repaint the walls and paint the concrete floor too. No biggie. :)

Thanks for reading!

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