Saturday, August 31, 2013

Random Acts of Artness...

My art these days has been a hodge podge of things but mainly focusing on art work for our little t shirt business, Mr P's Tees.
With 2 young babies (Pearson is 18 months and Phoebe is 2 months!), my "free" time is so limited these days. So, here goes.... I was able to recently paint a mural for Cutie Patootie in West Monroe.


They are over by Counter Culture in the Spotted Giraffs old spot. Cute place! I painted their logo for them.  Then, I had a friend who wanted to surprise his wife with a pen and ink drawing of their first home they just moved out of. What a great anniversary gift!
 Praying she doesn't read my blog bc I don't think he has given it to her yet...One of my favorite horse friends, Meghan Nichols, has opened up her own barn-Lone Oak Farm. So proud of her!! I started back trying to ride about once a week when the kids are at "school".
(Pearson got to come out to her place and meet his first horse)
 Meghan asked me to help her come up with a logo for her barn...this is what I did!
 Initially we had talked about having a horse jumping over the tree, but the horse shoe just seemed to work out better.
 My friend Jessica Stutts has a son named Tucker who has diabetes. Every year, they have a group that walks in this Diabetes Walk in Ruston in the fall. They all wear matching shirts and there is even a contest for who has the best tee. This year, Jessica and Tucker came up with a Duck Dynasty theme of "A Cure would make us Happy Happy, Happy!"  I drew up a funny duck with a beard and bandanna on him for the tee.
I sure hope he wins!!!
  Here are some of the drawings I had been working on for Mr P's Tees.
I bought myself some construction paper to play around with shapes and colors. This was a cool gator design that was I'm really excited about.
Created in mind for the folks at Grace Episcolpal School. Also, my hubs has been wanting a deer shirt for over a year now.
This is actually a drawing of a particular deer that he killed.
 Hoping to get this printed real soon.
  Lastly (for now!) I'm working on surprising a friend with a painting of her dog. I'll post pics of that at another time. And doing a drawing of the old Logtown School for a fundraiser for an alumni (Brent Hart)that recently passed away from cancer.
 They are also having a big concert on Oct 19th to help raise money for the family of Brent. Sounds like a fun family event on the grounds of the old school.
 Music, food, etc. Check out the Logtown Facebook page for more
  Until next time~

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