Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Latest Art Projects...

(the above painting is on display at Sage Restaurant in Monroe, LA)

Life gets so busy with little kids and trying to keep all of our plates spinning. It has been awhile since I updated my art blog so I thought I'd do that while I had a chance. My mom and I drove up to Ark for my cousins wedding and I got a few uninterrupted minutes.
This is a pic from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Ark.
  I "do" art all the time-daily, weekly. But a lot of the time, it's drawings for our clothing line,Mr P's Tees. (or little logo paintings for our retailers)
My extra time to do commissions or create art for myself for pleasure is very limited. Since Jan, I have had time to fit in a few things for people. The first, was a sign for the great folks at River and Rail Cantina (www.riverandrailcantina.com) Always like working with Merion Sanderson and her husband Matt. As many of you know, you can't be the view and atmosphere of this place.
  They needed a new outdoor sign and wanted to cool with different textures but also to last in our weather. They got me a piece of sheet metal to paint their logo on. I first cleaned it with alcohol,
and then rubbed it with a sander to roughen it up a little so the paint would stick.
Special exterior DTM paint was then applied for the logo.
It was tough laying this out to fit the space. Then, to further protect it, I was told to get this really strong car paint sealer from Dupont Car Center.
A spray gun was borrowed from my neighbor Roye Leshe (thanks again!)
and I went to spraying. (I don't think my protective covering would be OSHA approved...). It was STRONG!!! yes- that is one of my kids baby blankets....
 After this, they mounted it on some corrugated tin.
This initially was going to be the final product,
 but it needed some spice~ some fun~ some POP!! So, we added a big cut out lizard

and jazzed up the frame so it would "pop" against the brick. Voila~
  Funny, about the same time, I was asked by Ashley and Friday Ellis to paint some lettering for their new business Governors Cigar & Pipe (www.governorscigar.com). It's over there in Monroe beside Trios.
(before the sign was up)
They brought me this huge wooden board with all of these cool metal letters they had made.
My job was easy, just adding a white line,
the wording and a small fleur de lis. The sign was then hung.
I wish them the best of luck. Great family and love anything local.
  I also created a large painting for The Gates Family that was inspired by Act 1:8 and their mission trips around the world. Love love love them and was lucky enough to travel with them to Wales a few years ago. This painting went through a few different turns before we landed on the right look for them and for their home.
(quick video of the process of this painting)
The biblical verse is subtle and reads just enough but not so much that it takes over on the piece of work.
Def a great conversation piece. ;). I'll never forget dropping it off and the excite we had when we killed a big snake in their back yard. It was a Big ACTS painting and a Big ASS snake!!

  The next commission was for The Bishops in Monroe.
They had a huge wall opposite their kitchen that was screaming for a big painting. We decided on a large square piece that was 5' x 5'. I worked hard to work with her existing color scheme and also have a painting that showed my style. Lots of charcoal mixed in under the different layers of oil paint. Titled "The Calm Before the Storm ".
I really enjoyed my visits with Mrs Dixie and Mr Bing while creating this for them.
   A drawing was also created for my friend Amy Kiefenheim. Her dad was retiring from teaching and coaching at WMHS and she wanted something special for all his friends and former students to sign.She brought me a few of his state championship rings for inspiration
  And a couple of funny mixed media Armadillo paintings were created for the Masur Museum Off the Wall Party/ Fundraiser.
They make me smile! 
 Love these quotes I see on Pinterest.....
Amen to that!

Thanks for reading~

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Random Acts of Artness...

My art these days has been a hodge podge of things but mainly focusing on art work for our little t shirt business, Mr P's Tees.
With 2 young babies (Pearson is 18 months and Phoebe is 2 months!), my "free" time is so limited these days. So, here goes.... I was able to recently paint a mural for Cutie Patootie in West Monroe.


They are over by Counter Culture in the Spotted Giraffs old spot. Cute place! I painted their logo for them.  Then, I had a friend who wanted to surprise his wife with a pen and ink drawing of their first home they just moved out of. What a great anniversary gift!
 Praying she doesn't read my blog bc I don't think he has given it to her yet...One of my favorite horse friends, Meghan Nichols, has opened up her own barn-Lone Oak Farm. So proud of her!! I started back trying to ride about once a week when the kids are at "school".
(Pearson got to come out to her place and meet his first horse)
 Meghan asked me to help her come up with a logo for her barn...this is what I did!
 Initially we had talked about having a horse jumping over the tree, but the horse shoe just seemed to work out better.
 My friend Jessica Stutts has a son named Tucker who has diabetes. Every year, they have a group that walks in this Diabetes Walk in Ruston in the fall. They all wear matching shirts and there is even a contest for who has the best tee. This year, Jessica and Tucker came up with a Duck Dynasty theme of "A Cure would make us Happy Happy, Happy!"  I drew up a funny duck with a beard and bandanna on him for the tee.
I sure hope he wins!!!
  Here are some of the drawings I had been working on for Mr P's Tees.
I bought myself some construction paper to play around with shapes and colors. This was a cool gator design that was I'm really excited about.
Created in mind for the folks at Grace Episcolpal School. Also, my hubs has been wanting a deer shirt for over a year now.
This is actually a drawing of a particular deer that he killed.
 Hoping to get this printed real soon.
  Lastly (for now!) I'm working on surprising a friend with a painting of her dog. I'll post pics of that at another time. And doing a drawing of the old Logtown School for a fundraiser for an alumni (Brent Hart)that recently passed away from cancer.
 They are also having a big concert on Oct 19th to help raise money for the family of Brent. Sounds like a fun family event on the grounds of the old school.
 Music, food, etc. Check out the Logtown Facebook page for more
  Until next time~

Sunday, June 30, 2013

River & Rail Cantina Art

A couple of months ago, I was hired to paint a bunch of paintings and murals for the new River & Rail Cantina.
 It's the newest restaurant in town that over looks the Ouachita River in Monroe on Walnut Street. In an earlier blog, I showed y'all some fun drunk donkey paintings I did for it. They were on large pieces of wood in vibrant colors.
 After completing them, the owners asked me to also paint some murals in the restaurant. Owners, Merion and Matt Sanderson, love art and it was important to them to hire local artists for their new place. Besides me, Adam Davenport did some awesome murals in the restrooms (ladies- make sure to check out the Brad Pitt look alike in the woman's restroom!!). Caroline Youngblood and Lacey Stinson also left their creative touch on the walls, and Polly Spence did some neat graffiti looking paintings in the dining area. Big THANK YOU to Matt & Merion for supporting local artists!!!
  The first mural I did was of the River and Rail logo. They wanted it to look old like the building. This is the spot it was going on.
I drew it out with a pencils and charcoal first.

Then, they decided they wanted me to add a big iguana to it too. Great idea! I sketched it out first to make sure we were all thinking the same thing for the placement of it.
 Love how it turned out
 but must say it was a little scary painting that high up! And now distance shot.

  Next, I did a painting of a spanish looking donkey beside a chalk board wall. Think 3 Amigos!! Here was the initial sketch.

The chalk board paint was purchased at Sherwin Williams and worked real well.
They can write daily food and drink specials on it.
I even added a gold tooth on the donkey!! hehehe

 Then, they wanted the yellow rail road logo painting done real big beside the elevated stage/ special dining table. This took a little time to get in proportion. I went through a lot of blue tape trying to mask it off correctly.

 I have never used over head projectors- just T-Squares, rules, tape and string. Next came the yellow paint.

 Now wording. (all done by hand-no stencils)
 And now...voila!!
(love that blue bottle light fixture)
  On a side note, our sweet little Phoebe was born last week. I was pregnant with her when I did all of these paintings. Can't wait to show her one day what "we" did!
 So far, she has been the calmest, most easy going baby. If "they" say newborns sleep an average of 16 hours a day, Phoebs sleeps 22!! Still can't believe we are a family of 4. Feeling very blessed and very thankful.